èmoby is a mobility scooter rental system that’s revolutionisioning the way in which communities, such as municipalities, malls, museums, amusement parks, airports ensure mobility and sociability.

èmoby is a full automated mobility scooter rental system which can be used by anyone at any time in any pedestrian area, both indoors and outdoors.

The fashion model, Milena Buzon is now expecting a baby and enjoys shopping without the inconvenience of becoming tired.

“I love emoby. It’s a very important service, you soon realize what has been missing after using it during a shopping trip.

And then it seems obvious to find emoby in every pedestrian area…”

move simply simply move

The set is Auchan Shopping Centre and Retail Park in Giugliano (Naples, Italy) owned by Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds, where, since November, 2016 we have installed and operated an emoby station.

èmoby is the first automated system of mobility scooters available for rent in the world.

emoby was not born as a business project but as a project of love: to make available to anyone, in any place and anytime, a mobility support in the pedestrian areas, indoor and outdoor.

èmoby has been developed with passion by a team of visionary technicians. You can be assured that all of what now appears so  simple is not obviously the case…

In 2014 I saw the first business plan for the startup in Italy and I thought they overestimated the rental projections.

In 2015 I saw the first installed èmoby station, I was impressed…

In 2016 I saw the rental statistics, I thought: “YES! èmoby is really the mobility support system that did not yet exist in the world!”

In 2017 I’m launching Emoby UK ltd


“People love èmoby, a project created from the heart can only be successful.

Join us in our mission and vision”

move simply, simply move

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